Pretend It's a Year from Now

Pretend It's a Year from Now
Seven years ago, I had a job in the corporate world. I had an office, a good salary, and the privilege of being known and respected for consistently doing a job well done. Even though I was successful, I'd been unhappy in my career for years. I stayed put because I was comfortable, tied to the money, loved the adrenaline rush that deadlines produce, and enjoyed the compliments I received from my boss and peers.
Secretly, I was building a business on the side. I was coaching people to live their dreams in the evenings and weekends. Although my clients were living lives they loved, I couldn't say I was doing the same.
Then, I got laid off. I was devastated, confused, and I felt betrayed. But I was one of many who were worried and wondering which direction to take next. Little did I know at the time, that this was the day I became a full time coach.
Today, I have a thriving coaching practice. I have never been happier. I owe my success to being able to imagine myself successful, visualizing victory in the future.
What I have learned can apply to you. Whether you have been searching for a job and it seems hopeless, or you are working and are tired, stressed, and barely keeping up with the workload. Start with the steps below.
Imagine yourself a year from now. The economy is picking up nicely. Although the previous year was tough for you, it was well worth it, because today you are enjoying your career tremendously. You are grateful for what transpired over the past year.
It took you a while to find your way, but you have arrived. You battled fear, uncertainty, and yourself. But you have come out a winner. Looking back, you see that there were five key steps that were your crucial to your success. They were:
You Accepted Where You Were
You stopped blaming the world for your predicament. You decided to forgive those who caused your situation. Most importantly, you forgave yourself. You acknowledged where you were because you knew that a better tomorrow would not happen until you accepted today.
You Decided You Would Win
You realized that you worked too hard to get where you were in your career, and you were not about to lose it all now. You decided that your present situation would not get the best of you. You let go of the shoulds, and the reasons why you couldn't have what you wanted in your career. Then, you made a plan to go after what you truly deserved.
You Persevered
You had a vision in your mind, and you did not give up. Sure, there were obstacles. But, you woke up each morning and told yourself that today was a brand new day. You made phone calls you were afraid to make. You wrote e-mail's and letters you weren't sure would get read. You networked. But most importantly, you were afraid, and you moved forward anyway.
You Asked For Help
This was a big deal for you because you were used to doing things on your own. You opened yourself up and asked for what you needed. You were surprised and appreciative because people from unexpected places took the time to help you. The best thing you learned is that life is much easier when you are not reaching your goals alone.
You Knew You Would End Up In A Better Place
You stopped driving yourself crazy because you knew things would improve. You recognized that your situation was only temporary. As a result, you enjoyed yourself more. You spent time getting to know you again. You lost weight, or took up a new hobby. You tried new things, and you grew in ways you never imagined possible. You are so much stronger and wiser now. You are not the same.
Ok. Now, it is today again. Do you want what saw? What steps specifically will you take to make it happen? Write it down. Look at it everyday. You have a bright future ahead of you once you can visualize the end result.
So, what do you say? You only have one life to live, so it might as well be a life you love!
Written & Contributed by:
Deborah Brown-Volkman, PCC
Career, Life, Wellness, and Mentor Coach
President, Surpass Your Dreams, Inc.

Laid Off? Today is a Brand New Day

Laid Off? Today Is A Brand New Day
A sudden job loss can be very unsettling, and it makes a person look inside in order to get perspective on their situation.
I was a person that was laid off too a few years back, so I know what it is like to not have a job to go to.
I feel fortunate, though, that I was building my coaching practice while working full time. Because of that, I was able to transition into coaching full time. But still, not seeing the same faces everyday, having deadlines, and an office to go to, took some getting used to.
The best thing about that experience is I had the opportunity to create whatever I wanted with my future. I could coach full-time. I could go into consulting. I could freelance. Whichever way I chose, I knew that it was the start of a new adventure.
For me, the job loss was a blessing; and it can be a blessing for you. Yes, you will worry about how you will pay the bills, if you will get another job, and when the new job will come. You will also have the opportunity to spend more time with your family, friends, and yourself. You will have time to do all the things you wished you had time for when you were working. You can go to the gym, get outside more, and use the time to reevaluate your life and your career. (Yes, this is a good thing.)
So How Do You Make Peace With What Just Happened To You And Create A New Future? I Have 7 Tips For You:
Recognize That Losing Your Job Was Not Your Fault
Yes, there is some relief knowing that the inevitable has finally happened vs. the waiting to see if you will go next. But there is still a little part deep inside you that wonders if it was your fault. Maybe if you worked harder, then this would not have happened. Maybe if you worked weekends, evenings, etc, it would have been some else that was cut. Maybe if you participated in office polices more, you would still have a job. All these thoughts drain your energy and take away from the contributions you made when you were there. Your company was not doing well. They had to cut costs, and you were one of the people they cut. This is all there is to it. Period. Stop making it mean something more.
Decide What's Important To You
You probably have put YOU on hold for years as you have been spending all your time figuring out how to mold yourself to be someone else. You worried about what your boss thought of you, what his or her boss thought of you, and what your co-workers thought of you. You spent many evenings trying to calm down or figure out what to do with a co-worker or boss that was driving you crazy. All of this is gone (if only temporarily) and now you get to decide what is important to you. What makes you happy? What gets you excited? These are questions that you can answer because you have been given the gift of time to do so.
Recognize That The Time Off Is A Blessing
Things in life happen for a reason. There was some purpose for you to stop and reassess how you have been living your life at this point. Why do you think this happened now? Were you working too hard? Were you neglecting yourself? Was your family screaming for you to spend more time with them? Now is the time to see if your former lifestyle will fit your future one. Use the time wisely because an opportunity like this one may never come again.
Decide What You Will Do Next
Will you stay in the same career? Will you do something different? Will you start your own business? Or, will you decide to scale down your lifestyle so you can stretch out the time before you go back to work? There is no right or wrong choice, only what calls to you. Trust your instinct. The answer is inside you. It is up to you if you will take the time to listen.
Put An Action Plan In Place
Now that you have free time, how will you make it as productive as it can be? How many resumes will you send out each week? How many hours each day will you spend searching for jobs online and in the paper? How may people will you talk to, and how e-mail's will you send out? Your job search does not have to consume you, but having a daily plan, will keep you from sitting in front of the TV saying "I really should be looking for another job."
Get Support
Enlist the help of a friend, spouse, coach, colleague, etc. Someone who will listen and support you through this transitional period in your life. Looking for a job can be frustrating, time consuming, and disappointing. Remember that you do not have to do it alone.
Reward Yourself
Yes, the final reward is finding a new job, but there are milestones that can be rewarded along the way. Sent your resume to five employers? Reward. Went on one job interview this week? Reward. When you look back, you will know that you are not the same person you were before this happened. And, you will smile to yourself because you know that this is a good thing.
So, what do you say? You only have one life to live, so it might as well be a life you love!
Written & Contributed by:
Deborah Brown-Volkman, PCC
Career, Life, Wellness, and Mentor Coach
President, Surpass Your Dreams, Inc.